At Helo Perspective, our goal is to meet and exceed client expectations through the most elite network of nationwide pilots that provide high end quality images and video. Helo pilots are FAA Part 107 licensed, met flight hour standards and receive ongoing training.

As a Helo Perspective Gold Certified Pilot, you will be working with a highly professional team of job coordinators, pilots and clients. Our business is on the cutting edge of technology and you can get in on the ground level. We offer our pilots:

  • Consistent Projects
  • Competitive Pay and Benefits Packages
  • Project Completion that is simple and seamless: Utilizing FTP sites, forms and tools to help you successfully complete the job.

What You Need

FAA Part 107 License, Drone, Insurance

What We Provide

Consistent Projects, Competitive Compensation, Ongoing Training

How to Deliver

Cloud base uploads

Ready to be part of our network?

Join the thousands of drone pilots on our platform and see how rewarding drone flight can be.