Helo Perspective, LLC is the leading Unmanned Aircraft Services (sUAS) companies in America. Helo has over 750 pilots nationwide and is growing daily. All Helo pilots are highly skilled and FAA Part 107 certified as well as insured. If your company requires large structure inspections or multiple assets managed, Helo is equipped to scale for any project. We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations with complete adherence to your companies needs while maintaining Helo Perspective’s stringent requirements.

Helo Perspective, LLC was founded in September 2016 by Jake Carey, a successful businessman with a proven track record in construction, law enforcement and surveying. In early 2018, Johnie Johnson joined the Helo Team as a partner bringing nearly 30 years of C Level Executive Management experience in telecommunications, small business and non-profits. In October 2019, Johnie Johnson purchased Jake Carey’s ownership interest and now owns and operates the company.  Helo provides best in class aerial video services utilizing small unmanned aircraft services (sUAS) to various industries including telecommunications, construction, real estate, entertainment and events. Headquartered in Owasso, OK, Helo is a minority owned business with all pilots holding the FAA Part 107 Federal Drone Pilots license which grants permission to fly sUAS legally for profit.

Our Approach

Helo Perspective has positioned itself as one of the premier drone service companies in the country. We specialize in highly trained and certified pilots to provide the best possible service. We reduce costs, save time and increase safety on large structure inspections. Helo Perspective has the highest standards in the business, and we pass that along to our customers.

Our Story

Helo Perspective is the result of industry experts realizing through the implementation of technology — there was a better, safer way to do things. Advancements in aerial images utilizing the latest UAVs, networking highly skilled drone pilots and applying our background in project management has allowed us to create a fluid organization that can quickly react to our customers’ needs.