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Helo Perspective is a team of seasoned professionals prepared to serve your business with a nationwide network of Gold Standard Certified Pilots. Utilizing unmanned aircraft systems, you will receive high definition images in a timely manner providing your business safer, more reliable information.

Helo Perspective offers a cost effective solution for performing surveys and inspections on large buildings and structures. When the safety of your team is a concern, we can provide the data you need because our trained professionals will work closely with your team to gather and then present actionable information.

Our Services

Helo Perspective loves a good challenge. We are ready to tackle your projects, big or small, anywhere across the nation. From the first point of contact, we will evaluate the scope of your project and then quickly assemble a team that specializes in your area of expertise.

Large Structure Inspection

Tower Mapping and Inspection

Pre Build and Post Build Location Documentation

Bridge Integrity Scans

Emergency Response

Search and Rescue

Asset Management

Insurance Documentation

Disaster Area Assessment

Agricultural Crop and Ranch Management

Grain Silos

Oil and Gas Monitoring

Company Imagery or Branding


Gain a new perspective as you view your towers, job sites, commercial property and assets at heights you never imagined. Utilizing state of the art equipment and software, cloud based delivery and highly trained pilots, Helo Perspective provides information that is reliable and consistent.


Helo Perpective understands that time is money. With a nationwide network of certified pilots, we are ready to work when and where you need us. UAV's increase the efficiency, safety and the bottom line of your business as we are able to provide quick turnaround on jobs while reducing the number of hazardous climbs on towers, bridges or large structures.


From the front office to the field, Helo Perspective is a team of highly trained professionals. Our project coordinators will work with you to evaluate the precise needs and scope of the project then deliver a finished project that will exceed your expectations. Our Gold Standard Certified Pilots have completed FAA Part 107 licensing and then receive ongoing training that is specific to our client's needs. The Helo Perspective work environment is progressive, supportive and produces experts on the field.

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Contact Helo Perspective and we will gather information to assess your project needs.

Take Off

We will quickly provide a project scope including costs, a time table for completion and then set our team into motion.

Smooth Landing

Helo Perspective will provide accurate project information in a user friendly format.

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Community Events

11th Annual White Party held in Tulsa, OK on May 12, 2018 for the benefit of Family and Children’s Services and raised more than $334,000.